Training programs relevant to communication and languages skills

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Report Writing Skills

Writing reports is an essential part in today’s business environment. This course will provide the participant with the necessary skills and knowledge to write a well-structured report, and apply the appropriate method in writing a report.

English Writing for Business

The program focuses on improving the participants skills in communicating in writing in different business contexts. The course will provide the participants with the skills knowledge to write effective emails, reports and notes to improve business communication.

English Speaking for Business

This program aims to provide the trainee with the necessary knowledge and skills to communicate in English in business environment. The course is expected to improve the participants communication in different business contexts.

Dip Trans (CIOL)

The need for competent translators is increasing sharply. This is becoming even more evident with rise of globalization and multinational trade regulation, where excellent bilingual skills is now one of the main requirements for employment and career advancement. However, the supply of certified translators remains severely limited. The goal of this Certificate in Translation for Business is to provide students/trainees with a basic foundation in the theory, practice, and ethics of translation in business context.

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