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Professional Journalism and Quality Standards

This course provides the learners with the quality standards in journalism. Including how to write news, reports, investigative journalism and interviews.

Journalistic Articles

The course provides the learners with the principles and writing journalistic articles, with the aim of shaping public opinion.

Journalistic Interviews

This course provides the learners with the skills and knowledge they need to conduct successful interviews. It includes preparation for the interviews and the DOs and DO NOTS of interviewing.

Scientific Journalism

This course aims to provide the learners with the skills to convert a scientific article into a journalistic article that simplifies it and enable the general audience to read it.

Investigative Journalism

This program provide the learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to become an investigative journalist.

Internet Journalism

This program provides the tools and techniques to write on websites in general. It includes how to use the tools available online to influence the reader.

Journalistic Editing

The course offers the learners with the opportunity to learn about the most recent techniques of editing in journalism.

Social Media Marketing

This course contains the fundamentals of social media as a marketing tool; definition, purposes, networks, marketing, strategies, success stories, etc.

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