Quality Control

WTDI provides clients with a consistently high level of service commensurate with the requirements of the clients, based on uniform standards and procedures that are fulfilling the guidelines and requirements of the Qualification & Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training (QQA).

However, below are some parts of the quality review report as per the QQA:

  • The institute has good capacity to improve. Management team has an effective strategic towards continuous improvement of the provision and supported with critical on-going self-evaluation process.
  • Comprehensive data on learners’ achievement is collected, aggregated and useful analysis is carried out by the management, yet the impact needs to be seen.
  • Trainers use an effective range of teaching strategies to engage and motivate the vast majority of learners.
  • Comprehensive records on learners’ progress are maintained which are updated regularly and linked well to the learning outcomes.
  • Learners gain useful and relevant vocational skills and knowledge across the various attended courses, these are conducted by qualified trainers who provide a good role model to learners. WTDI’s learners show high level of enthusiasm and positive attitude towards their learning and the majority have the ability to reflect critically on how well they are progressing and plan for further improvement.
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